Day 1
  • Introduction to Project and Project Management.
  • Explore the Project user interface.
  • Create a new plan and set its start date.
  • Set nonworking days in the project calendar.
  • Enter the plan title and other properties.
Build A Task List
  • Create tasks
  • Enter task duration and dates.
  • Enter milestone tasks
  • Create summary tasks to outline the plan.
  • Link tasks to create dependencies and adjust task link relationships
  • manual and automatic task scheduling
  • Check plan’s duration and finish date.
  • See task relationships by using Task Path.
  • Document task information.
Day 2
  • Set up resources
  • Enter the maximum capacity of work resources
  • Enter work resource pay rates.
  • Adjust working time in resource calendar.
  • Set up cost resource
  • Set up material resource
  • Document resources
Assign Resources to Tasks
  • Assign work resources to tasks
  • Control work when adding or removing resource assignments
  • Assign cost resource to tasks
  • Check the plan after assigning resources.
Day 3
Track Progress
  • Save a Baseline of your plan
  • Track a plan as scheduled
  • Enter task’s completion percentage
  • Enter actual values of tasks
  • Update a baseline.
Fine-Tune Tasks
  • Control task scheduling by using Constrains
  • Interrupt work on a task
  • Rescheduling incomplete tasks
  • Adjust working time for individual tasks
  • See task schedule details by using the Task inspector.
  • Create a recurring task
  • Enter deadline dates
  • Enter fixed costs
  • Late tasks
  • View the plan’s critical path
  • Inactivate tasks
Day 4
Fine-Tune Resources and Assignment
  • Change resource availability over multiple date ranges.
  • Work with multiple resource pay rates.
  • Change resources pay rates over different date ranges.
  • Delay the start of assignments
  • Apply contours to assignments
  • Adjust assignments in the Team Planner view
Fine-Tune the Project Plan
  • Examine resource allocations over time
  • Resolve resource overallocation manually
  • Level overallocated resources
View and Report Project Status
  • Examine a plan’s overview
  • Identify tasks that have slipped
  • Examine task costs
  • Examine resource costs.
  • Create a custom report
  • Customize charts and tables in a report.
Day 5
Organize Plan Details
  • Sort plan details.
  • Group plan details.
  • Filter plan details.
  • Create new tables
  • Create new views.
Format and Share Your Plan
  • Customize and format a Gantt chart view
  • Drawing on a Gantt chart
  • Add tasks to a Timeline view
  • Format a Timeline view
  • Print views.
  • Copy views and reports
  • Copy Project data to and from other programs.
Consolidate Projects and Resources
  • Share a resource pool across multiple plans.
  • Consolidate plans
  • Create dependencies between plans
Day 6
  • General Review and Discussion.
  • Course’s Final Project.